• Tommy Keen

Hen's Party Games

As a topless waiter or a performer of any kind for that matter, you need a way to break the ice with your spectators to give them permission to feel comfortable with your presence. There are lots of guide lines to achieve this as a topless waiter as I have written about in my blog but I would say that games are the easiest way to do this. Fun hens party games, if delivered correctly, give the ladies a proper introduction to your personality and sets the tone for the rest of you time at the party. The Men of Desire have been trained to identify, match and amplify the energy at any event with various hen’s party games. Some generic and some invented by me.

‘Pin the Penis on the Man’ – is a very common game at hen’s parties. Other than a good attitude, this game requires a poster of a naked man, stickers of various characterized penis stickers and a blindfold. I have participated in this game a few times as the ‘poster’ but I’ll explain that shortly. Each participant receives a sticky penis and the blindfold once it’s their turn. The sticker is peeled, thus being ready to be stuck onto the poster, the blindfold is places over the eyes of the participant and she is spun around a previously selected amount of times (with a spotter standing there helping, for safety) before they’re given the freedom to approach the poster and use their keen sense of experience and direction to blindly place the penis sticker where she thinks one would go. The participant that gets the closest to where the rest of the competitors think it should be, is the winner. It was very interesting to participate as the poster (naked or not… I’ll leave that to the imagination). I stood there as the very competitive hens party game’s participants started sticking these penises where they thought was the appropriate spot or inappropriate, depending on who you ask.

‘Play dough Penis’ – is also a common but fun and comical hens party game. Each participant/team receives their own tub of play dough. The rules are simple for this one. Each team is given the same amount of time to mold the play dough into something that resembles a penis. The most realistic penis mold is deemed the winner but trust when I say, this is not as easy as it looks for most people. I like to be the judge of this one because I can inject some humor that generally involves me taking the mickey out of myself and my own penis. It is just another way for me to further to feeling comfort-ability with the hen’s party attendees.

’21 Questions’ – this game requires some pre-

This one is called 'The Band Aid Game'. One that I came up with myself, it is a slightly different twist to the generic version commonly played at parties. This is my go-to came if I feel I need help to break the ice, it never fails.

planning, paper, a pen each and shots of alcohol. The partner of the bride to be has to have answered the questions before the night of the event. The questions generally revolve around the couple in question and their relationship, e.g. who made the first move? Who is the best cook? How old were you both when you first met? Etc. You get the idea. The group is asked each question as a collective and writes their answer on the paper in front of them. The correct answer is then read out aloud and the ladies who answered incorrectly then have to have a shot. I would recommend throwing in some saucy questions as the partner is more than happy to give funny, yet truthful answers.

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