• Tommy Keen

The Party of 40-8

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Once again I was on the way to another house full of eager women waiting to be entertained. But tonight had a slightly different twist.

Throughout my whole life I never thought I would be in a situation like the one I was in this seemingly innocent Wednesday night. With a few years of experience in the industry under my belt I thought I’d seen it all and that there would be no more surprises. By this time, I had been in countless situations that would make most guys ejaculate quicker than their 13-year-old selves masturbating over porn for the first time. But as I mentioned, this night was different.

I was 25-years-old walking into the lioness’ den… or should I say cougars. I arrived with my unwavering confidence, armed with just a tradie costume and a fierce desire to give people their money’s worth.

With experience comes knowledge of the industry and usually, a party is not thrown for the sole purpose of enjoying the stripper. But there is an exception to every rule. Upon entry I realised what was happening and what I had just walked into. While going through the usual ritual of payment on arrival and getting prepared to perform, I asked some curious questions. After hearing the answers, my thoughts were confirmed. I knew that to achieve success at this particular event I needed to push things further than I had done before.

I had that nervous feeling again, just like the one I had when I performed for the first time. Knowing that waiting for me in the next room was 8 possibly hungry cougars with over 200 years of hunting experience between them, I started to prepare. As I changed into my costume and did some push ups, my heart was racing and I started to sweat more than usual. I took some deep breathes to try to center myself and pushed the play button, which meant “go time”. I couldn’t “prepare” any longer. I opened the door and walked down the stairs to the living room which awaited 8 40-45-year-old divorcees.

Sexual energy filled the room as I started my routine. I could feel it. I could hear comments like “fuck, look at him!” and “he’s gorgeous, this is going to be great”. I knew this was going to be a party like none I’d experienced before. I summoned my inner monogamist and mustered all the self-control I had as I went around the room. I locked eyes with the willing participants as hands lathered with baby oil ran up and down my semi naked body with lustful intent. The delayering of my costume couldn’t come soon enough for my spectators.

Nakedness is usually the shortest part of the performance, but not this time. This is what these women were waiting for and I was not about to disappoint. It seemed clear that this was a treat they hadn’t had for a long time. While moving from one to the next completely naked and without a towel, they shamelessly continued to find the boundary. As the room got steamier and steamier, my performance was coming to an end and I started to execute the finale lift. The “lucky” participant that was about to get the shock of a lifetime and be thrusted above my head whispered to me “I need you in my bed tonight”. Obviously I could not oblige her request but remained in character and said back to her with a cheeky smile “do you think you could keep up?” just before I threw her in the air. Leaving her and the rest of her pack flustered and wanting more, I took my finalising bow. My work here, is done.

-Desire Entertainment

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